Mulch is an vital tool in the landscape and garden that assists in preventing loss of topsoil from water and wind erosion, decreases water utilization by maintaining the moisture of soil, decreases rainwater runoff, decreases fluctuations in soil temperature, decreases soil compaction, enhances soil tilth, decreases maintenance, decreases weed growth, makes the landscapes more appealing, decreases damage from lawn mowers and trimmers, inhibits certain diseases in plants, enhances soil fertility, increases drainage, structure and soil aeration over time, insulates the soil to keep the plants warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and decreases damages from lawn mowers and trimmers.


These long needle pine straw qualities will not only enhance the overall health of your landscape and garden, on the other hand, eventually enhance its entire beauty as well. There are  a lot of various kinds of mulches that you could select from. One kind, the pine straw (at times referred as pine needles), outdo other mulches in a lot of ways. On the other hand, before discussing that, let us know what pine straw is.


The quick straw comes from a couple of various species of pine trees. These trees tend to drop their leaves (straw or needle) in a natural manner in the entire year. The moment the straw would drop to the ground, it is packaged, without the need to cut down the tree. And since it is generated sustainably and naturally, it is at times called as guilt-free mulch. Each and every straw have its own unique traits, such as needle flexibility, wax content, and needle length to mention a few. The Loblolly species of pine straw, for example, with a needle length that range from 6 to 9 inches, make it simple to shape and apply, and the needle size is the best for permitting the soil to breath so well while letting remarkable water infiltration.



Pine straw bales are typically available in either square or round shape and of different sizes and weights. They are so easy to store and easy to carry. In appearance and size, they are so the same with small hay bales. Aside from the fact, it is generated sustainably and naturally, there are a lot of landscape and garden beauty and health benefits to utilizing pine straw mulch. The pine straw are so beneficial, hence, make sure to avail this one to make the most of your money and to have a stunning landscape or garden.


When it comes to landscaping, mulching is one of the key things to consider since it is an important part of organic gardening. Mulching is to provide nutrients, insulation and retain moisture in the soil so that a plant may have a conducive environment to grow; the mulch will decompose and then add nutrients to the soil for the plants to benefit from them. The materials to be used in the mulching process such as leaves, straw, tree bark, or pine needles should be able to prevent the evaporation of the moisture as well as preventing the extreme temperature changes in the soil. Also, it suppresses the growth of weeds from the soil along with adding organic matter back into the soil structure.


Pine straw atlanta is most commonly used in the organic garden mulching since they have their unique characteristics. The pine straw is renewable resources from the pine trees that they shed off their needles in the late fall. Some of the unique characteristics include the protecting the plant root systems from extreme temperature change, hot and cold that may harm the normal growth of the plant. The pine straw also retains moisture and prevent moisture from evaporating hence ensuring the plant has the adequate amount of water for growth. They also break down into organic matter to provide enough nutrients, thus making it the best to be used with organic material for soil amendment.


The pine straw has the ability of slightly lowering the soil ph. levels compared to other materials used for mulching as well as being less expensive than the competitors. They aid in preventing soil erosion by compacting the soil together as well as preventing the splash erosion caused by dropping water molecules. The pine straw has a lifespan of about six months. Therefore it is suitable if it can be applied twice in a year to get all its benefits for plant growth.



One thing that gives the pine straw a boost, is its ability to be renewed, it does not require to be produced, and that is, it reproduces itself every time a pine tree loses its needles every year. Pine straw is a natural organic mulch that is easier to handle since they don't compact when placed at one point hence, allowing a better air circulation to the soil, water infiltration. This allows the nutrients to soak into the soil and it can be able to retain moisture on its own. Thus using the pine straw is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of gardening.


Pine straw mulch is essential in landscaping. Overall mulch is aesthetically pleasing because it is organic and also looks neat and clean. Pine straws come from different species of trees. These trees shed leaves naturally yearly. The leaves are thus known as needles or straws. They are collected and packed as pine straw bales that have similarities of the hay bales and can be sold as round or square pine bales. Mulch improves curb appeal and also has other benefits such as improving soil moisture, reducing soil erosion, control weeds and adds nutrients to the soil. Pine straw mulch comes from leftovers of grain crops that have been harvested. One of the best available mulch in landscaping is known as pine needle straw. The pine straws are available in different sizes and types. The most common types of straw are the long leaf straw which is an average of fourteen inches long. Lob lolly and slashes types of pine straws can also be used and the have a size of nine inches long.


Pine swift straw mulch is very efficient and has a long list of advantages. The main benefit of the pine straw cover for use as the ground cover is that it makes an excellent ground cover for newly seeded lawns and also unplanted patches of garden. Pine straw looks very good in many landscaping designs since they are light in weight and cover a larger area. Pine straw has further benefits in that unlike other mulching it does not attract insects such as termites and also it's effortless to apply and effective. The lawn will benefits with reduced soil erosion when pine straws are used to cover the ground. It is also important to note that pine straw is unavailable locally and may be difficult to find compared to other available materials.



The process of applying slash pine straw ground cover involves use if a depth of about two to three inches. Some individuals will advise one to increase the intensity into about five inches deep depending on the soil type in the areas. This will improve more water retention in the soil and also reduce weeds. One should also consider leave spaces in between the pine straws to allow for air circulations, and this reflects by reducing the harmful insects from harming the plants in the lawn. Mulching is very useful in landscaping and will not only save costs but also have a pleasant outcome.