When it comes to landscaping, mulching is one of the key things to consider since it is an important part of organic gardening. Mulching is to provide nutrients, insulation and retain moisture in the soil so that a plant may have a conducive environment to grow; the mulch will decompose and then add nutrients to the soil for the plants to benefit from them. The materials to be used in the mulching process such as leaves, straw, tree bark, or pine needles should be able to prevent the evaporation of the moisture as well as preventing the extreme temperature changes in the soil. Also, it suppresses the growth of weeds from the soil along with adding organic matter back into the soil structure.


Pine straw atlanta is most commonly used in the organic garden mulching since they have their unique characteristics. The pine straw is renewable resources from the pine trees that they shed off their needles in the late fall. Some of the unique characteristics include the protecting the plant root systems from extreme temperature change, hot and cold that may harm the normal growth of the plant. The pine straw also retains moisture and prevent moisture from evaporating hence ensuring the plant has the adequate amount of water for growth. They also break down into organic matter to provide enough nutrients, thus making it the best to be used with organic material for soil amendment.


The pine straw has the ability of slightly lowering the soil ph. levels compared to other materials used for mulching as well as being less expensive than the competitors. They aid in preventing soil erosion by compacting the soil together as well as preventing the splash erosion caused by dropping water molecules. The pine straw has a lifespan of about six months. Therefore it is suitable if it can be applied twice in a year to get all its benefits for plant growth.



One thing that gives the pine straw a boost, is its ability to be renewed, it does not require to be produced, and that is, it reproduces itself every time a pine tree loses its needles every year. Pine straw is a natural organic mulch that is easier to handle since they don't compact when placed at one point hence, allowing a better air circulation to the soil, water infiltration. This allows the nutrients to soak into the soil and it can be able to retain moisture on its own. Thus using the pine straw is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of gardening.